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Purple Potato Chips

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Otway grown Purple Potatoes


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Peter and Sandra Scott have been growing potatoes in the Otway and region for more than 35 years. Upholding the tradition of father Keith or “DK”, the Scotts family farm is situated in the heart of the Otway’s, a region renowned for the highest quality food production.

Purple Potatoes are versatile

Peter is a leader and an innovator, the farm currently trials over 20 different potato varieties and is currently growing Peruvian Purple, Red and Yellow varieties. The Scott’s supply to fresh food markets, restaurants and retailers throughout the east coast of Australia. Peter and Sandra are passionate about the Otway region; and passionate about their potatoes!

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DK’s Potato Chips

From our farm deep in the Otways in Victoria, these beautiful purple chips not only taste good, but are also good for you. Low in salt, high in antioxidants and cooked in the healthiest oils with 75% less saturated fat.

Try the unique and flavoursome taste of DK’s Classic Purple Chip. You will love them! 

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A great tasting alternative made in Australia

  • Cooked in SUNFLOWER oil

The Otway’s, a pristine farming environment

The Otway Ranges are renowned for growing world-class, highest quality produce, including blueberries, truffles potatoes and a broad range of vegetables. The area has a thriving dairy industry, wine industry as well as sheep and beef cattle, that thrive in a  pristine natural environment